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Posted on February 02nd, 2011 0 Comments

They Call Me Marty Version 2

Its taken me a couple of weeks to finish, but version two of "They Call Me Marty" is live! Technically this is version three. Version one was around for three months a couple of summers ago. Once in a while I stumble upon a screen shot on someone's blog or gallery, but those are the only places where version one lives.

Version two had a longer lifespan—one year—but a rather boring one. Its been nine months since there was any action around here. That is hopefully going to change. The new design makes it easier to manage entries hopefully allow me to post more frequently.

This is by far the more mature of all three versions. Written in HTML5 with a bit of CSS3 here and there. I wanted the design as simple as possible so I could intergrate links and blog entries into the same timeline instead of separating the two. Javascript is also kept to the absolute minimum. About the only thing I am making use of somewhat heavily is @font-face to display some of the fonts in the header, nav area and footer.

Like previoius versions, version two is running on ExpressionEngine 2 with the following extensions/plug-ins:

And I made good use of Deploy Helper to move the site from my local server to Dreamhost. Which reminds me, I also moved the site from MediaTemple to Dreamhost. I know that many folks swear by MediaTemple, but since I've been developing in ExpressionEngine the response time has been less than impressive. ExpressionEngine on DreamHost is at least twice as responsive and the move was easy—not to mention that its half the price. To move the site from development to the live server, I followed the steps outlined in this wiki and had almost no hiccups and the ones I di were mostly due to propagation issues.

I am only having one issue with one template not parsing in the single post page, but I'm working on that.



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