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Posted on February 23rd, 2011 0 Comments

Making Type Workshop with John Clark of LOOKING

When I graduated from the Art Institute, I wanted my first design job to be one where I could work under the direction of a more seasoned designer/art director. I always understood that what I had learned in school was largely theoretical (its proven to not be to the extent that I imagined). I wanted to learn from someone with more working experience than me. Unfortunately, I didn't get such a chance. My first design job was "Art Director" for the American Red Cross Southern California Blood Region. Not knowing what I didn't know, as an art director I couldn't be aware of the mistakes I was making at the time I was making them, so I made many. I run one man design studio now and I've never had a chance to work together with someone who has more experience than me. For this reason I was excited to spend two days designing along side eleven students from art programs around the L.A. area last weekend. We worked under the direction of John Clark, the founder and design director of LOOKING, a brand and identity studio in El Segundo.

The Brief

The workshop, sponsored by AIGA/LA aimed at bringing the professional design community with the community of design students for two days to work on developing typography skills. The brief was simple: take a short body of text and create a poster using any material available in the studio except a computer. By the end of the workshop we each photographed our poster and printed it for a small showing.

The final posters looked largely "unfinished", but working through the design process without the use of a computer was a refreshing reminder that design is mostly—if not soley—about communicating and making decisions to solve problems, not knowing how to use a piece of software well. These are the printed posters.

Visit my flickr page for pictures from Type Making: AIGA/LA



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